How to Effectively Handle Negative Reviews

Many attorneys are understandably fearful of replying to negative online reviews.  The truth is that potential clients (roughly 84% of them) will most likely rely on social media posts, ratings, and reviews of others when deciding whether to use your services.

Once information is on the internet it does not go away.  Avoiding a negative review is missing a critical opportunity to manage your image online.

  • Although it sometimes feels as though people just want to complain, in fact, most people want to leave positive reviews.
  • Allowing a negative comment to remain on the internet without any action gives other potential clients an opportunity to see it and take it as the truth.
  • Everyone will eventually get a negative review.  When this happens do not ignore it, maintain your composure, and fix it offline.

Set up a 20-minute review .

  • Most attorneys are afraid to engage, but it’s critical that you take control of negative comments. Here’s how you do it:
  • Hi, . We continuously strive for excellence in service. Please reach out to me to discuss further. Our office line is XXX-XXX-XXXX.’
  • The chance of that person contacting you is near zero. However, other people seeing your response know you take your reputation seriously and will consider that when hiring an attorney.
  • Hesitation can cause you to miss real opportunities.
  • I have successfully helped many small firms manage negative reviews and their online reputation. If you would like to learn more, schedule a free consultation by clicking below.
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