Using Social Media To Attract New Clients

I am sure you are aware of how important social media, in particular Facebook, is to your law firm. Like everyone else, legal consumers spend a large amount of time connecting with their friends and the world through social media. Increasingly the way people are interacting with brands is on social media like Facebook and more and more people are turning to video to learn about law firms.  Facebook video allows you to introduce your firm to potential clients, explain difficult concepts in a simple way and gives people a chance to put a face to your firm’s name.


  • People watch on average more than an hour video a day on social media with most, 92 percent, viewing the videos on their phone.
  • Facebook advertising is one of the best brand awareness tools available. It provides a large, highly targeted audience so that you are only paying for the type of people you specify and who look at your ad.
  • The first step is to create an effective video that conveys your value proposition to consumers and showcases your firm in a positive way. Then just get your video in front of potential clients on Facebook.

Even if you’ve been selected in the past, you need to make sure your profile is up to date to be considered. Set up a 20-minute review to make sure you’re positioned for success in the selection process.

  • Our attention spans are growing smaller and smaller.  People scroll quickly through their feeds only stopping when something catches their attention. You need to pique your viewers’ interest and convey your message in about ten seconds.  Your best option for achieving this is to work with professionals who create videos targeted at legal consumers.  Letting them write a script and take care of the video shoot will give you the time you need to serve the needs of your clients.  With the Spanish speaking market growing faster than any other demographic you may want to make a video in Spanish.
  • Here’s Why It Matters To You. People want to work with law firms when they know and trust their name.  Social video allows you to get your law firm’s name in front of the many Facebook users that may be in need of an attorney.
  • I have successfully helped many small firms in the area reach potential customers through social media and video.  To learn how, set up a free consultation by clicking below or to learn more about marketing to a Spanish speaking audience read

    “No More Guessing:  What Motivates Spanish Speaking Consumers to Hire An Attorney”.

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