Secrets of High Performing Directory Listings


Online legal directories are one of the most effective marketing tools available to law firms today, but it isn’t enough to simply publish your name and contact information. Your listing needs to be optimized in order to fully reap the benefits legal directory listings can bring.

When the information in your listing is consistent with information across the web, a legal directory listing will boost your firm’s ranking in search engine results.

To maximize your listing’s effectiveness, be sure to highlight information that gets the prospective client’s attention and makes them want to hire you. Here are some suggestions for doing that:

  • PHOTOS: Include a professional headshot that helps your firm stand out from listings that use only gray text (legal consumers are drawn in by visuals)
  • Photos also put a smiling face to your law firm’s name and directory presence. By coupling the headshot with a strong tagline, you can further attract people and stand out from other listings.
  • REVIEWS/RATINGS: Legal directories give attorneys the ability to earn reviews which are essential for building social proof and trust with potential clients.
  • These reviews also help your listing stand out, increase the click-through rate of your listing and improve your Google search ranking.
  • FULL BIO: Make sure the profile that your listing is linked to not only includes your degrees and honors but also a biography that shows them how you can help them, that you understand them and that shows them what it is like to work with you. 
  • TRACKINGLastly, be sure to use a call tracking number so that you can determine the return on investment of your listing


Here’s Why It Matters To You. A well optimized legal listing gives your firm more consistent quality clients by generating leads, creating name recognition, and improving your firm’s website search engine results.

To maximize your listing be sure to use a high-resolution photo, customize your tagline, leverage reviews, link your listing to relevant profiles on your website, and use a call tracking number.

I have successfully helped many small firms develop high performing legal directory listings. To learn more about how legal directories can help you build your practice set up a free consultation by clicking below.

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