Let this data help you grow your PI business.

According to IBIS World’s U.S. Market Report, the personal injury claims business has grown to $33 billion a year, and with the increasing average age of the U.S. population, that number is expected to continue growing. Your access to the research whitepaper is below.

While Personal Injury cases are not specific to any particular subset of demographics, our study of more than 2,000 legal consumers gave some pretty good information on the average personal injury client. 
The more information you have about your ideal client, the more effective your marketing can be.

Download the report here

Make Sure Your Mobile Experience Works For You, Not Against You

Free Mobile Marketing Resources:

Here’s how you can prepare your firm for the Mobile Search revolution:

  • Compress and optimize images. Large, uncompressed images often lead to bloated load times. 
  • Avoid landing-page redirects..Don’t get fancy with lots of unnecessary redirects. Keep the landing pages clean and informative.
  • Prioritize visible content. The newspaper Above-the-Fold concept definitely applies here. Get the right information to the consumer right off the bat.
  • Minify HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS). This is a bit more complex, and will likely require a competent developer.
  • Employ a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Definitely need a developer here. CDNs can dramatically reduce page load time, but do not try this by yourself. 

P.I. consumers are mobile

  • 71% use mobile when searching online
  • 62% use mobile for legal searches
  • 48% use mobile to contact an attorney
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