Reaching Affluent Legal Consumers

Reaching affluent legal consumers can appear daunting. They are deliberative in their decision making and they often adhere to the adage “you get what you pay for.” They are interested in an accomplished attorney with expertise in handling their specific legal needs.

That’s why your Thomson Reuters Legal Marketing team recently published the playbook “Aiming High: How the Affluent Consumer Chooses An Attorney.” While the report is released under the Super Lawyers brand, the tenants of the philosophy apply to attorneys at every level of their career.

Because of their deliberate approach, marketing to high-income legal consumers needs a thoughtful strategy. In this report, you will learn ways to reach this sophisticated group, including:

  • Managing Your Online Reputation
  • Showcasing Your Expertise
  • Leveraging Attorney Directories
  • Touting Your Accomplishments

Download your copy here

If you focus on the right things in your marketing efforts, you can expand your firm’s visibility with a highly valued clientele.

In our consumer report, Aiming High: How the Affluent Consumer Chooses An Attorney, we take a look at how specificity, expertise and reputation make a big difference in reaching a group with the financial wherewithal and time to properly vet and hire an attorney to answer their legal questions.

High-income legal consumers expect trustworthy and professional answers from their attorney. And in one important way, they are much like any other legal consumer: They hire the first attorney they choose to contact a majority of the time. Therefore, it’s your opportunity to make sure it’s you.

At the end of the day, these consumers are interested in an accomplished and specific lawyer for the job. And they are willing to search longer and take more time on their attorney search than the typical legal consumer.

Want to know more? Download the full consumer report.

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