Optimizing Google Maps

An effective way to portray professionalism is with a Google My Business Page and one way this becomes apparent is by showing up on Google Maps.  On Google Maps you can give a detailed overview of your firm to your prospects, post pictures of your firm, and former clients can post reviews. Google Maps shows your location, when you are open, and how far away the prospect is from your location.  They can click on a link to your website for more information or even give you a call directly from the app.  For many consumers it replaces a browser search when someone is in a precarious position and they turn to their phone to find a lawyer.

  • When you do not show up on the top results of Google Maps, it is important to optimize the content for the market segment that you serve.
  • To reach as many legal consumers as possible you need to make sure that you can be seen before your competitors on the apps they use most – Google Maps.
  • So, what needs to be done to optimize your Google Maps presence?  Read below for a few helpful tips.

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  • First, you will want to take a look at where and how you are showing up.  The results of Google Maps are dependent on the location of the person searching.  Take a drive and search for your firm from different locations around town.  Do a general “near me” search and also search for the types of cases that your firm specialize in.  Make sure your contact information and URL are consistent with other places you show on the internet such as your website and directories you are listed in.  Inconsistent information causes lower rankings because it confuses search engines as well as the people who are looking for an attorney.  Reviews, reviews, reviews.  They cannot be overemphasized. The number of reviews and your average rating is used to decide which attorneys are listed at the top of Google Maps, and they improve search engine results.  Put a system in place to ask for reviews.  For example, take time after a case to email the client and ask them to write a review.  Monitor your reviews weekly to say thank you or to provide a professional response to negative reviews.  It is well worth the investment.
  • Here’s Why It Matters To You. Showing on the top of a Google Maps search puts your firm’s details in front of prospective clients at the moment the trouble starts, no matter where they are.
  • I have successfully helped many small firms in the area create a professional Google My Business profile that places them at the top of Google Map results. Set up your free consultation by clicking below.
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