Making the Most of Legal Directories

Far too many attorneys under-leverage their presence on legal directories by including only simple contact information. To maximize your listing, work hard to highlight information that gets clients to notice your firm – and even more important, to hire you. Here are some ways to do just that.

Accurate Contact Information

This might sound painfully obvious, but you would be surprised how many firms don’t carefully proofread their directory information for typos. So sweat the details. A misspelling in the copy can make you less than authoritative. And an incorrect phone number will result in lost opportunities. It’s highly unlikely, after all, that a potential client will take the time to look up your “real” phone number elsewhere. More likely, he or she will contact another firm in the directory.

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Business Descriptions and Categories

When listing yourself online, think about your target audience and how they may search or browse for a lawyer. Placing yourself in a higher-level category like Family Law will appeal to a broad population, but if you have a more specific practice area that your firm typically handles, don’t overlook more niche terms like Divorce or Adoption. One key advantage online legal directories offer over traditional ad media is their superior ability to target potential clients based on both geography and type of legal issue. Taking advantage of this when choosing your listings can help drive the most relevant contacts to your firm.

Attorney and Law Firm Profiles

Alongside the important decisions you make with regard to the listings, you should also pay particular attention to the profile linked from your listing. Firm and attorney profiles can be an excellent way to entice clients to contact you, though only if it shows how you can help them. Including your degrees and honors are helpful, certainly. But what really attracts clients is a biography that demonstrates that you understand them. You know that they’re most likely worried and that they need legal representation they can trust. You can address these concerns by clearly and succinctly answering questions like:

  • Why should I hire you?
  • What will you do for me?
  • What is it like to work with you?

Last but not least, if it’s available as part of a directory’s standard listing or profile, include a professional headshot that’s appropriate for your practice area. This not only helps your firm stand out from gray text-only listings. It literally puts a human face on your directory presence. Coupling this image with a strong tagline further attracts people and makes them take notice of your firm.

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