Law Firm Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The first thing someone does when they are beginning to find a lawyer is they start to enter words or phrases into a search engine like Google or Bing.  These “keywords” are used to help them find the type of lawyer they want based on certain criteria such as location or practice area.  At the top of these search results will be PPC advertisements and those advertisements are the most likely to gain the attention and business of the potential client.

  • Before nonpaid results, on the top of the page, there are typically up to four paid ads and then up to three ads below the nonpaid results.
  • By improving factors that Google uses to determine ad rank, other than the bid, you can improve your return on investment without increasing your budget.
  • There are many things to consider in order to get your ad to show up on the most advantageous spots on the results page such as the right keywords, ad extensions, landing page, and ongoing PPC campaigns.

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  • Many law firms think that to be the most successful competitor you need to be the highest bidder, but the most important thing is to bid on the keywords that most people are using to find your type of firm.  Another way to add value and relevance to a legal consumer’s search is to use ad extensions which give consumers more information such as clickable phone numbers, addresses and site links that make it easier to choose your business and they help Google see your ad as a place people will receive a positive experience so they rank it higher.  Another way to make sure a potential client gets a good user experience is to make sure the landing pages you create provides the information someone doing that search would be looking for so that they don’t have to spend time looking for what they want.  Be sure to make it easy for them.  Lastly, don’t think of PPC as a strategy to use in the short-term until more people are finding you organically.  Maximize your return on investment by keeping your ads running for the long term.  Nonpaid search does not take the place of paid search and paid search does not take the place of nonpaid search.  Both tactics need to be used simultaneously to get the best results.
  • Here’s Why It Matters To You. By focusing on both paid and nonpaid search results you are able to maximize your visibility so that you are capturing the attention of potential clients; not your competitors.
  • I have helped many small firms in the area navigate the complexities of PPC advertising successfully.  Set up your free consultation by clicking below.
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