Kick Your Networking Into High Gear

Network Like A Boss.

  1. Know Your Mark. You may be joining to shoot the breeze, get out of the office for a bit before you have to get home and change the baby’s diaper. That’s all well and good. But for those looking to boost their business and/or career, you need to first understand who you want to connect with. For example, if you’re a Family Law attorney, perhaps you need to build a network with Estate Planning lawyers for referral business. 
  2. Remember Your Purpose. You are there to do three things: 
    • Have Fun
    • Represent Your Firm
    • Grow Your Bottom Line
    If you keep these in mind, feeling the awkwardness or shyness most of us feel won’t be too much of an issue.
  3. Be Ready to Discuss Your Expertise. Nobody likes listening to a blowhard, but we all appreciate and respect good work that’s delivered considerable results. Something like “Well, we’ve been awarded some good settlements lately” is vague and pedestrian. Consider instead something like, “Let me tell you, I just wrapped up this crazy trial where made my life a living hell…”
  4. Be Direct. You and everybody else is there for the same reasons (see #2). After an engaging conversation, pop the question. “I’m looking to build my real estate litigation referral network. I have something I want to run by you – can we connect in the next few days to see if this makes sense for you?”

There is much more about the subject, but I won’t bore you (or me) with that much info. If you’d like, I’ve included resources below. 


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