Improving ROI With Best Intake Practices

Most consumers will only call one or two attorneys when they are searching for legal help.  Why?  Because they are in a vulnerable situation which makes reaching out for help difficult.  They are needing to be heard.  So, if a prospect’s efforts are neglected, they are likely to choose another firm or even rate or review your firm based on a myriad of negative emotions they are experiencing.

  • 49% of legal consumers expect a return call or email within 24 hours but only 1/2 of legal firms send a response in this timeframe.
  • An organized intake process will help ensure that no matter how busy your days are, you have the time to communicate with potential clients contacting your firm for help.
  • You can improve your firms intake practices by responding quickly, being empathetic in your interaction, and ensuring that proper data is collected.
  • With ½ of law firms failing to respond to their potential clients within a 24-hour timeframe, this provides an opportunity to outshine your competition.  Match your sense of urgency with that of your prospects. If you cannot reach them the first time, assume they still want to talk and try again.  Practice empathy by being present, avoiding legal jargon, and understanding their needs on an emotional level.  Be sure to collect the proper data during the intake process so your client does not have to repeat their story over and over.
  • Here’s Why It Matters To You. Disciplined, routine, organized intake practices increase your number of new clients without increasing your marketing budget.
  • I have helped many law firms develop and implement effective intake practices that have resulted in more new clients. To find out how I can help you, set up a free consultation by clicking the button below.
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