How FAQ Pages Impact a Law Firms Success

While FAQ pages are commonly found online, it doesn’t mean they are always effective. Your page should be a helpful guide for people who are not ready to call your firm but are looking to see if you could help. It’s not the place for a sales pitch. All great FAQ pages are rooted in authenticity and value.

  • A FAQ section on your website can have an enormous impact on the overall success of your firm.
  • It saves you time, enhances transparency, positions you as the expert, and improves your SEO.
  • The most important part of any FAQ page is answering the right questions and making sure to include a call to action that is prominently on display in order to provide a seamless transition from an engaged consumer to a connected one.

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  • Knowing what customers are considering before making a purchase is the first step toward success. Well written FAQ pages can give prospective clients immediate access to questions they are likely to have when choosing a law firm and provide an alternative to picking up the phone resulting in fewer emails and calls for your staff.  The page can help you to begin developing trust with your client by showing an understanding of what they are going through and an ability to help in difficult times. Including your fee structure or initial consultation information provides transparency and can set the stage for this conversation later.  By including questions about your area of expertise you can set yourself apart from your competitors and it brings your content to the top of the search results because it is providing answers to questions that resonate with prospects.
  • The frequently asked question page of your website is a great place to set the tone for your firm while putting your client first.
  • I have helped many small firms in the area to develop effective FAQ pages.  If you would like to learn more set up your free consultation by clicking below.
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