Going Solo

Often practicing in a larger firm means 60-hour work weeks and lots of time away from your family and friends.  Many experienced law professionals are looking for better ways to balance work and family and to have more flexibility in their practice.  Going solo gives you the ability to choose the cases that interest you and build your practice around your passions.  It allows you to set up an office at home if you like and control your workload.  Would you like to be able to manage your schedule, have more time in the summer, and more time to be involved in your kid’s school activities, sports, and dance?  Read on.

  • While there are many benefits to having a solo firm you also need to be able to wear many hats and manage a lot of details on your own so knowing where to turn for support and help is crucial.
  • The reward is the freedom to create a life on your terms!
  • To be a successful solo practitioner you need to develop good time management skills, develop a solid client base, and have a good support system.

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  • Working on invoices, affidavits, and answering client calls all at the same time can be overwhelming and ineffective. That is why it is important to block certain times of the day for certain tasks such as phone calls and emails, billing and administrative tasks, and client meetings and drafting. There are many ways to develop a client base such as referrals, Craigslist ads, volunteering, and appearing on lists to help people who do not qualify for free services.  There are also many places to find support such as online legal communities, listservs, and your local Bar Association.  Solo practice can feel isolating but, Thomson Reuters and FindLaw can be a support in all of these areas.  They can help develop your client base, help with your website, provide reports that let you know where to focus your marketing, and they even have a Legal Community for small law firms that is free to customers.
  • Here’s Why It Matters to You. FindLaw can help you manage the details of your practice so you are able to concentrate on your family and the clients that you are passionate about.
  • I have successfully helped many professionals in the area make the transition to a successful solo practice. To learn more set up a free consultation by clicking below.
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