Give Your Law Firm’s Website A Checkup

You know it is important to routinely maintain your car and get an annual physical at the doctor or a six- month cleaning from your dentist.  It is equally important to give your law firm’s website a checkup.  You need to regularly evaluate the performance of your website to see how effectively it is performing and to identify potential problems.

  • 75 percent of people never go beyond the first page of a search on Google and 54 percent of people searching for an attorney use a mobile phone.
  • The everchanging environment of the internet makes it essential to audit your website on a regular basis to give you the information you need to make actionable changes for healthy web performance.
  • A checkup provides a comprehensive report of website performance in five key areas:  search, mobile, conversion, speed, and audience friendliness.

Set up a 20-minute review .

  • Search looks at things like image optimization, website tagging, inbound links, and legal directories to let you know how visible your site is on places like Google and Bing.  Look at how well your site holds up on mobile devices, by looking at your web hosts responsiveness to mobile, check to see if there are plugins on your site that are not compatible with mobile, and check how your site looks on a variety of screen sizes.  Conversion evaluation determines the amount of website visitors that take action with your firm whether it be chat, phone, email, or any other form of engagement.  It measures things like contact information, social media performance, and if the site is Spanish ready.  Speed looks at what can be done to improve the loading time of your site with two seconds being an acceptable guideline.  A website that moves slowly is sure to lose the potential business of prospects. A checkup ensures your website is audience friendly. Is it made with your clients in mind?   Does it answer the questions they are looking for such as practice areas you specialize in and staff biographies?  How trustworthy is your site is?
  • Here’s Why It Matters To You. Having a healthy website can have a major impact on your search engine ranking and missteps mean less chance of driving quality organic traffic to your site.
  • I have helped many small firms in the area evaluate the health of their law firm’s website. You can set up your free consultation by clicking below.
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