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Motivating Spanish-Speaking Consumers

A recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau showed that the Spanish speaking population is expected to reach 43 million by 2020 and so it makes sense to extend your legal services to this demographic.  With this change in mind, many law firms have looked at adjusting their marketing strategy.  But first, they need to understand the behaviors of the Spanish-speaking consumer and how they make legal decisions.

  • The Spanish-speaking demographic has grown more explosively than any other US population demographic in modern times.
  • With purchasing capacity at $1.5 trillion, Spanish speakers hold more buying power than any other US minority group.
  • For your law firm to capitalize on this trend, they need to discover how this group of consumers search for an attorney and implement a proper marketing plan to target them.

In a recent study from FindLaw entitle No More Guessing:  What Motivates Spanish-Speaking Consumers to Hire An Attorney”, they discuss the unique preferences that drive this market segment when they are searching for, evaluating and selecting an attorney.

They found that Spanish-speaking consumers feel strongly that hiring an attorney should be the first step in dealing with their legal needs and are less likely to research laws and file proceedings on their own than consumers overall.  They are also more likely to be motivated by a desire to correct the way “the system” works or to see justice done rather than being motivated by financial rewards and they put a high level of trust in their peers.

Here’s Why It Matters To You.  Since Spanish-speaking consumers are quite willing to hire an attorney when a legal issue arises, they can become a source of consistent quality clients for your firm.

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    3. advertising
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    6. Spanish Video creation and Social Media Promotion

You have a Playbook to grow your business. First, download this whitepaper. Then give me a call.

To learn about specific marketing techniques your firm can implement read “No More Guessing:  What Motivates Spanish Speaking Consumers to Hire An Attorney”.

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