Creating A LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out

The foundation of your professional social brand is your LinkedIn profile.  To make a good first impression to those seeking legal services and to referring attorneys you need a well-prepared LinkedIn profile.  It needs to have just enough information to pique their interest without giving them so much information that they do not have a reason to reach out and contact you.  It also needs to be consistent with what is on your firm’s website.

  • 40 percent of LinkedIn’s more than 500 million members use LinkedIn daily
  • If your profile appears unprofessional or as if you do not care, why would the multitude of prospects on LinkedIn feel that you would treat them or their case any differently in person?
  • To make the most of your chance to show who you are and how you can serve the viewer focus on the tips for the four key elements below that will help you stand out from the competition:  your profile photo, headline, work experience, and reviews.

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  • 1.  Make sure to include a profile photo.  As well as being the first thing a potential client will see, your photo is going to follow you all over LinkedIn in groups, comments, posts, and articles.  That is why it is important to be sure that it is a professional headshot that projects authority, likeability, and competence.  2.  The headline should be no longer than 120 characters and should communicate benefits the viewer can expect when working with your firm.  3.  The work experience section of your profile should be concise showing past law firms you have worked for, the time frame that you were there, your job title, and a very short summary of your responsibilities there.   Describe duties of actual value to the viewer to stand out from attorneys who simply state their job titles in this section.  4.  To really stand out, ask for recommendations from past clients, referring attorneys, and coworkers that can be displayed in the recommendations section of your profile.
  • Here’s Why It Matters To You. The enormous rise in popularity of LinkedIn, its unmatched professional networking opportunity, the ability to boost your professional image and engage with referring lawyers and prospective clients through posts, articles, and comments are all reasons you need to make optimizing your LinkedIn profile a priority.
  • I have successfully helped many small firms in the area improve their LinkedIn and social media image.  To learn more, you can set up a free consultation by clicking below.
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