Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is specifically designed for professional networking and development. By allowing users to highlight endorsements, work history, firm overview, resumes and work examples, LinkedIn not only gives you an opportunity to stand out among your competition, it also creates a natural place to showcase your firm to prospective employees. It is an ideal platform to create professional connections with your peers, attract new talent, and engage with prospective or past clients.

  • LinkedIn is home to 87 million millennials, 40 million in decision making positions, and 50% of B2B social traffic.
  • This makes LinkedIn ideal for recruiting top talent to your team.
  • Read below for tips on optimizing the LinkedIn Company Page for your firm so you are able to improve your online presence, establish professional authority, and successfully recruit prospects.
  • Keep in mind that the profile banner and image are the first things a viewer will see so be sure to use it to make a good first impression.  While the profile pic is a good hook you need an “about us” section that reels in your reader by concisely describing what they need to know about your firm using 2000 characters or less.  By using relevant keywords in your “about us” section and by being thorough and answering all of the fields in the Company Page profile you can increase the likelihood of your Company Page being discovered by qualified viewers.  Use the Showcase Pages and Career Pages on your company page to cover specific topics in detail and to highlight things that do not concisely fit in the “about us” overview.  These pages can be used by prospective clients or employees to establish yourself as an authority and leader in your field.  To see specific tips on how to create a Company Page that will stand out for your peers, be sure to read this Guide For Your LinkedIn Company Guide For Your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Here’s Why It Matters To You. With the ease of use and the growing popularity of LinkedIn, it is more important than ever not to miss the opportunity to make an outstanding first impression to the over 500 million plus prospective clients and colleagues who might be needing your services.
  • Summarize Action Plan. I have successfully helped many small firms in the area successfully build a strong online presence using the many features offered through LinkedIn. To learn how, set up a free consultation by clicking below.
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