Choosing A Manager for Your Paralegal Team

It is time to hire a manager for your paralegals, but instead of hiring a skilled manager, you decide to promote your best paralegal.  So, your outstanding paralegal moves from the role they excel at and enjoy to a role they are unfamiliar with and unprepared for.  You both have high expectations, but with little training, in just a few short months they decide that they are terrible at managing others and are unhappy with their job.  Now not only do your paralegals still need the guidance of a skilled manager, but you’ve also lost your best paralegal and need to train someone for that position too.

  • This is known as The Peter Principle, which states “a person performing well in a role eventually rises to their own level of incompetence.”  Said another way, an employee will be promoted until they are no longer competent to perform the job they have been promoted to.
  • Your firm is only as good as its team!  To keep quality clients, you need to hire the best job candidates.
  • When looking to fill a management position look for candidates that possess a managerial skill set and resist the temptation to promote your best employee unless they have demonstrated the skills needed for the new position!

Even if you’ve been selected in the past, you need to make sure your profile is up to date to be considered. Set up a 20-minute review to make sure you’re positioned for success in the selection process.

  • The candidate you choose should not only fulfill the requirements of the job description, but they should also have a good balance between being an empathetic ear and a voice of authority to their employees.  Hire someone whose strengths complement your weaknesses.  Then have faith enough to let them carry out their role.  They should think enough like you to know how you would want things done but have the initiative to make decisions on their own so that you are free to do the things you are good at.
  • Here’s Why It Matters To You. Choosing the right candidate the first time ensures that you will not waste time correcting mistakes made by an unqualified employee or on needing to go back to square one in the hiring process.
  • I have successfully helped many small firms in the area build a winning legal team!  To learn more about how I can help your firm, set a free consultation by clicking below.
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