Being Productive During the Summer Lull

While the summer months bring beautiful weather and a renewal of the spirit, your firm’s bottom line may not look too good during this season.

If you are struggling to service your clients while your staff is on vacation, you may need to recruit temporary help for the summer months.

If you have a slower caseload, summer can be a great time to reflect on your business and find creative strategies for taking your business to the next level when the busy season returns.
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“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”
-Dale Carnegie

  • The peak season for positioning your firm for a strong next year is during the summer months.
  • During the summer, use automation such as web chat and voice answering services to help reel in new clients while your employees are away, take advantage of the slower pace to plan strategically for next year, and focus on lead generating or promotional activities.

Set up a 20-minute review .

  • Look at where you have been, where you are now, and what you want to accomplish in the next year. Evaluate your marketing and operational strategies. 
  • Set milestones on how you will reach your goals and how each team member will contribute.  One of the best ways to gain trust with prospective clients is through testimonials.  Ask your clients if they will write a good review for you and get that information out on your website and social media.
  • Consider sharing a thoughtful gift with clients you want to reconnect with.  Reach out to new contacts and old clients by giving a summer promotional discount on bundled legal services.  Summer is a time when legal directories are giving good rates to you.
  • Look at getting your name on the best directories available.

NOTE: Directory listings will be increasing June 1. See the current openings for English and/or Spanish listings for best pricing.

Here’s Why It Matters To You. The busy season will be here before you know it!  What you do now will determine where you will be tomorrow.

  • I have successfully helped many small firms take their business to the next level.  Set up your free strategy planning session by clicking here
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